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In the beginning there was passion for music. This passion led each one of us to music school, then on to college and finally to becoming professional soloists. This is how we met – learning together, playing together, and competing at various contests. Even though each one of us is a talented soloist in his own city, we really wanted to create something together. We wanted to combine our talents and create a group that did not yet exist in all of Poland! A quintet comprised of accomplished soloists from the best polish symphony orchestras. This is how Polish Brass Quintet was born.

We want to show the polish and international audiences the true capability of our instruments, which are often relegated to orchestral background. Our instruments add color to symphonic masterpieces, but often behind other orchestra sections. Brass is not only for marches and bugle calls. Composers in the twentieth century realized the potential in brass ensembles, and therefore the repertoire of this era is of most interest to us. We want to work together with renowned polish and international composers, encouraging them to create music with Polish Brass Quintet in mind. We want to inspire young creators to discover the potential of the brass quintet, as well as debuting musicians to create similar groups. We hope that our efforts will eventually give rise to a new repertoire which can be used in Poland and around the world. We would also like to further the advancement of brass chamber music by attending master’s courses, workshops and participating in Polish and international festivals.

Polish Brass Quintet is an ensemble of people with passion and skill. Playing music is an adventure for us that gives us lots of joy that we would like to share with our audience. Please join us for our concerts!